Physical Therapy to Improve Mobility and Exercise More

Exercise isn’t always easy. If even basic activities like walking cause you pain, you aren’t going to be motivated to get the exercise you need. If you have a sedentary job, problems with mobility and a decrease in exercise amer only going to get worse. Physical therapy in Grand Junction will help you identity any problems that are adding to your poor mobility, making it less painful for you to get exercise. Even when you love exercising, pain will make it difficult to stay active. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work with patients who are ready to deal with pain, so that they can lead a more active life.

Meeting With Your Physical Therapist

Your first meeting with a physical therapist is when you get to talk about your treatment goals, and identify problems you are having physically. You will go over any past medical history that may be making your condition worse. You will have the time to ask questions, and learn more about the reasons why you are not as mobile as you could be. Treatment can start as early as the first day, but you’ll go through an evaluation first to determine your course of treatment.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

One of the best benefits of physical therapy is that it can be used at the same time as other treatments. You can go for massages, chiropractic care, and see a pain specialist all at the same time. Physical therapy will not interfere with other treatment you are receiving. No prescription medication is used, so you won’t have to worry about medication combinations.

How Physical Therapy Helps

Physical therapy looks to undo any problems you have going on in your body through massage, ultrasound, soft tissue mobilization, and other treatment methodologies. The goal is to help your body heal, so you can function better. When mobility is the problem, your gait will be tested. Your therapist will look at how you are walking, where it hurts, and how to improve your gait pattern.

You’re Success in Physical Therapy

There are times when your condition can’t be cured, but you can optimize your overall health. How well you perform in physical therapy is determined by a number of factors. Your participation in treatment, your consistency with exercises, and your commitment to making it to appointments are all important. Your physical therapist can’t do all the work for you in physical therapy. You can get stronger and improve your mobility when you are an active participant in your treatment.

Physical therapy will help you improve the way you walk, when ambulation is an issue. If you have pain while walking, a physical therapist can help address these problems. When you want to exercise more, but you are in pain, physical therapy can help you overcome hurdles. Get the support you need to live your best life, when you work with physical therapy in Montrose to heal your body naturally.