Four Steps to Prepare For An Abortion

Getting an abortion is a hard yet sometimes mandatory decision. However, it can also take a serious toll on the mental, physical, and emotional health of women. The following steps can help with handling the situation.

Understand You Options

Before you do anything else, do some research so that you know and understand all your options, including the importance of pre-abortion screening so that you can detect any medical issues in advance before the abortion.

Typically, your doctor will give you the following two options to choose from:

  • Medical abortion
  • Surgical abortion

Before you decide on the abortion type, you should discuss all concerns with your doctor so that you know what to expect from the upcoming procedure.

Confide in Someone You Trust

It is completely up to you whom you want to confide your abortion into. However, dealing with this life experience can take a serious toll on your mental health, which is why it can be incredibly helpful to confide in your partner, best friend, parent, or a trustworthy loved one.

The thing about having an abortion is that it can cause women to feel depressed and sad. It would be safe to state that having an abortion is a mentally complicated experience, which is why having someone by your side can be quite comforting.

You don’t need their advice, only their support. If you feel comfortable enough, you can ask a trustworthy loved one to accompany you and stay with you during the procedure.

Consider a Post Abortion Plan

After the abortion, you will need a few days to heal and rest, which is why you might want to have a post-abortion plan by preparing for one in advance. For instance, before the appointment for the abortion, you should stock up on the essential items that you will need once you get back home.

Apart from getting heating pads to manage the pain of the cramps, you can also stock the pain relief that your doctor is more likely to prescribe to you. You can ask them about it in advance. You can also stock up on pads and get yourself plenty of water so that you can stay hydrated.

More importantly, get your favorite snacks. Also, you can prepare your favorite comfort meals in advance. Have some scented candles ready to light once you are back home.

Practice Self-Love and Kindness

As mentioned before, having an abortion can be a challenging experience for many women, which is why abortion can leave them feeling ashamed, afraid, and even guilty. Also, as you get closer to the process of getting an abortion, you might get loads of second thoughts regarding whether or not you are doing the right thing.

Here is what you will want to do: allow yourself to feel the emotions as they come to your mind. Instead of distracting yourself, sit with your emotions so you can feel them, accept them, and move on. Journaling can be an incredibly powerful tool that can help you manage your feelings and form a better perspective of the situation.

Apart from journaling, talking to a trustworthy friend can also help.