FBS released a social trading app “CopyTrade”

FBS Cent Account

This FBS Cent Account is one which is a great deal, especially for new traders who are dealing in cents.

The Cent Account of FBS is open to all countries and offers the most reasonable minimal deposit requirement of just 10 euros inside the EU or 1 USD for you trade outside Europe.

It isn’t easy to find in the vast majority of forex brokers. It’s a good account for novice traders as it gives you nano-lots of extremely low risks trading. If you’re considering this account type, or perhaps the FBS Cent account alternative, it is a must to take the look at our collection of the best nano-lot sizes of forex brokerages.

FBS Standard account

It is the FBS Standard Account is again one brokers make available to traders from all over the world.

Islamic accounts are readily available if you want one. And the minimum deposit required here is 100 USD.

The leverage of this type of account along with different FBS account types is 1:300. This is why it’s in the list of our Top 10 Brokers that have very high leverage.

FBS Micro Account

It is the FBS Micro Account is among the most popular micro accounts available for traders outside of Europe and trades with micro-lots. The type of account provides excellent value, with the minimum deposit being just 5 dollars for trading, as well as an excellent Islamic account that is available upon demand.

FBS Zero Spread Account

Another account available only outside of Europe is the Zero Spread Account. The Zero Spread Account makes zero spread trading accessible, even though there are commissions available.

The FBS Zero Spread Account minimum deposit is $500 with the option of having an Islamic account should it be necessary.

While it’s not accessible in Europe this is still regarded as one of the best Zero Spread Forex brokers.

FBS ECN Account

In line with the trend of not being accessible in the outside world of Europe The FBS ECN account offers quick, efficient ECN execution of your trades at the most competitive prices , and with the smallest spreads. The commissions are however charged to this account, and only trading in forex is accessible.

The FBS ECN account features a minimum deposit of $1000.

FBS CopyTrading Account

The last FBS account type you should take to look at can be found in one called the CopyTrading account. This account is available for those trading outside of Europe and it is possible to become a signal service and an investor.

If you opt to become an official signal service provider, be aware that you’ll only be able to create standard or micro account types, which means that you’ll be subjected to these conditions as well as the minimum deposits for the accounts.

An investor, also referred to as CopyTrader, or an investor CopyTrader account, you are able to open any type of account and begin copying trades after your account has been confirmed and you have an outstanding balance of over $100.

In the final analysis, the FBS copy trade minimum deposit for trade is 100dollars.

If you’re interested in copy trading, you can learn more about it, starting with its history, how it operates and brokers that offer the most effective copy trading platforms on the market we’ve discovered.

FBS Crypto Account

FBS has launched a brand new crypto service in 2021 which can be accessed via FBS Crypto Account. FBS crypto Account.

The minimum amount for a deposit to the FBS Crypto Account is $1.

With more than 100 cryptos on the market and spreads starting with 1 pip and goes up to 1 pip. There is also a the commission for both the closing and opening only 0.05 percent.

This is emphasized by the minimum deposit requirement of $1. The spreads and fees for dealing here is excellent value. The spreads start at 1 pip, with commissions of 0.05 percent on opening positions, and 0.05 percent on closing positions.

FBS Account Base Currency

There are a few restrictions on the FBS Base currencies offered are not unlimited. If you trade within Europe it is possible to use Euro to use as the primary currency and make deposits in Euro only. It is also not possible to change other currencies to Euro via FBS.

If you’re trading from a different place on the international market then you’ll be able to access two currencies of the base which are euros as well as USD. If you discover your account is in an additional currency, it’s possible that you’ll pay a charge for conversion.

FBS Deposit Bonus

After examining all you have mastered the FBS brokerage minimum deposit parameters and other factors, we’ll examine the FBS bonus conditions and requirements. This will make sure that you don’t be left out of the FBS bonus if it’s accessible to you. The bonus is only available for traders who are not EU citizens because of the ESMA.

FBS No Deposit Bonus

An FBS cash bonus without a deposit of 100 dollars is accessible to traders subject to specific conditions. The most important of these is that you are not able to take the money out immediately. This means that you can’t withdraw the basic FBS bonus. What you can do is take the profit you earn from the bonus if you can successfully trade at the minimum 5 lots within a period of 30 days.

The bonus is intended to replace the former bonus of $123 with no deposit, that is no longer offered.

Check out the free deposit bonuses for forex brokers for more information if you wish to learn more about what this is about or you’re interested in the article below if you are just interested in knowing more about bonuses offered by forex brokers.

FBS 100% Deposit

An FBS Deposit bonus is offered upon request and with certain conditions. This means you could effectively increase the amount of the amount of your FBS deposit based on conditions, up to a certain limit.

FBS Funding and Deposit Methods

As a leading forex broker, FBS makes a wide range of choices for you to select from when you are funding your account. We’ve listed them below as well as the FBS charges that are for each one.