Considerations for Amazon GTIN Exemption

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Amazon, being the most occupied online retailor, needs each and every step of its business to be automatic and computer centered. This is the reason, thousands of sellers are asked to provide the barcodes for the products they would be listing on the Amazon website for any market place in the world. This is as Amazon use the code which actually describes a product along its brand name from another parallel and other available product at the warehouses of Amazon, while receiving the inventory stock from the freight forwarder at the Amazon warehouse, storing the product in its warehouse, and shipping the product to the person who has purchased it. 

Choices while adding a product to Seller Central Account

GTIN is simply a tailored and unique identification made for a specific product of a brand. A product can be added to the Amazon seller dashboard with any type of identification choices available at the website of Amazon. These are usually UPC, GTIN, EAN, ISBN, and JAN. These are named differently by the code issuing authority. If a product hasn’t had these special identification codes, then the seller either needs to get this code after paying the service charges to the issuing authority or can add the product without the code if Amazon provides exempted approval to the seller.

The process of making the request for the code exemption is simple and the tab which put forward the process is available on the “add new inventory” page of the Amazon seller central account. It is recommended to know the terms on which the request could be processed successfully without ending with the requirements which are not available with the seller.

Things to consider before starting the GTIN Exemption Application

·        In the case of wholesale products, find out if your manufacturer or supplier has the code against the product you are going to sell at Amazon. If there isn’t any code, you need to have a permission letter from the wholesale product provider along with the information that the product doesn’t have any code or GTIN.

·        In case of your own private label products, you should have all the documentation with your own name or brand name.

·        If you are going to sell any parts of a product, you need to have the complete details from the supplier regarding the product being a part of another main product.

·        If you are going to sell handmade products, then better to have proof from the product provider through valid documentation.

·        You should have a maximum of nine images to complete the request for GTIN exemption. The images should have a high resolution and be taken from real products considering each and every angle.

·        If you have your brand name, then you need to register it with the Amazon Brand Registry prior to the application for exemption of code. You should receive the brand name registering confirmation email at the time you would be processing your GTIN exemption case. You should provide exact information regarding your brand as you have provided during the brand registry to Amazon.

Now, it’s all clear about the Amazon GTIN exemption and you can apply for a GTIN exemption on Amazon easily.