Cat eye glasses is as important as the rest of our organs. Know its importance

Cat eye glasses


With the use of technological devices, it is important to preserve and properly care for the eyes when using smartphones, computers, and viewing screens for long periods of time, in order to ensure that our sight works properly. And for this, you will surely need glasses such as .

Another benefit that these accessories provide is that they serve as protection so that dust and dirt do not enter the eyes.


Cat eye glasses are easier to wear compared to other items, such as contact lenses, which can cause irritation and even red eyes as well as dryness.


The designs of the eyeglass including cateye glasses are ideal for following seasonal trends, as well as being an excellent option for each type of face. There are different colors, models, and materials that adapt according to needs.


The cost of frames including can be affordable depending on the frame you choose, while the prescription of the glasses will depend on the place you choose to do it. Currently, there are options such as that have ideal prices for all types of budgets. Do not miss a moment and if you need to renew or plan to try the use of glasses for the first time, go to to check the entire collection of glasses.

Additional functions:

Today’s glasses have new features that are even more attractive to people who use this type of accessory. Technological advances allow improving vision, as well as generating protection, with UV protection filters or lighting.

What is the importance of cat eye glasses?

The medical technologist with a major in ophthalmology clarifies that wearing this type of glasses like cat eye glasses has two purposes – first, to feel comfortable with indirect light while doing outdoor activities and, second, for protection, because with a good sunglass, we will protect the structures of our eyes.

Eye glasses for instance are not only a luxury accessory or an outfit complement, today more than ever they are a great ally in the protection and health of our eyes.

As we already mentioned in a previous article, sunglasses have become an important element during the pandemic, as they help protect the eyes from contaminated droplets that may fall on them.

But in addition to the above, sunglasses are an element that should be used for the protection it provides against the Sun and the dreaded Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

For this reason, we present 5 facts that make it clear why the use of sunglasses is important, beyond that they give style.

Long-term exposure to the sun causes damage to the eye, specifically to the area of ​​central vision, which allows visual acuity and color vision. Given this, specialists advise using a filter, which means: sunglasses.

Offer long-term visual health. They protect from ultraviolet rays. If you use the lenses indicated by your ophthalmologist and optometrist, you can avoid damage to the retina, eyestrain, conjunctivitis, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Ophthalmic lenses are used to correct refractive errors.

UV rays are below 400nm, so it is important to use sunglasses that ensure protection up to 400nm.

The lack of use of eye protection can also cause damage such as cancer or cataracts.

To protect your eyes from UV rays, you can also use sunscreen on your eyelids, but let’s be honest, it’s better and easier to wear sunglasses.

Buying any cheap sunglasses is not the solution, because these lenses are manufactured with very low quality and could be even worse, because the lenses are very dark, which causes the pupils to dilate and more harmful light.

At, we want you to have the best eye protection, which is why we have a wide range of glasses including that provide the protection you need the best thing is that we have prestigious brands at prices that no one else will give you.

Why wear dark glasses?

Wearing sunglasses is extremely important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. We are aware of the damage our skin can suffer when exposed to the sun, leaving spots, lines, moles and causing premature aging and, of course, the greatest danger: skin cancer.

What happens if I wear someone else’s glasses?

Your eyeball will not be damaged or modified, you will simply see poorly, it will be annoying for you and if you spend a lot of time with them, you will even have headaches. What you should do is go to your ophthalmologist to examine your vision and recommend what eye solution you need in your case.