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Your website can be an integral part of your business, allowing you to promote your brand and reach new audiences. If you have an e-commerce site, this is especially true; however, there are more ways to use your website to increase revenue than simply posting products online and waiting for customers to order from you. Once you’ve picked the right web hosting company and installed WordPress on your domain, here are some tips on how to make the most of it with a Switzerland Dedicated Server solution.

What is a dedicated server?

If you are looking for reliable web hosting that offers an optimal level of performance, flexibility and security, then it’s time to choose your dedicated server. A Switzerland Dedicated Server is ideal for mission-critical or business websites because they feature guaranteed resources and fast connectivity. A physical server ensures your website will not experience slow loading times or outages due to increased traffic on shared hosting servers. Choose from different operating systems including Linux, Windows and more! Our web hosting services include: high quality servers; customer support 24/7; no hidden fees; simple cPanel management; SSD hard drives; virtualization options; security solutions like firewalls, IPS, antivirus software and spam filters.

Why should you consider hosting your own website?

If you own your business, you can save money by hosting your website in-house. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay fees each month to host it on someone else’s server. Hosting your own website will also give you more control over security and other factors that affect how well your site runs. While most hosting companies offer managed service contracts, or managed hosting options that allow you to get help from their support staff, when necessary, it’s still possible for these services to fail. By keeping things in-house, there are no outside parties involved who could create unexpected roadblocks for your website if something goes wrong (or fails to work as expected). Plus, running web servers is actually kind of fun!

How much does it cost to buy a dedicated server?

There are two primary types of web hosting plans, and both have their own advantages. VPS and dedicated server hosting provide plenty of power for most websites. However, they differ in many ways and offer different features. This is why it’s important to consider what your website needs and make an informed decision on which type will work best for you. Cost may be one consideration when deciding between these two options, but there are other factors as well.

What’s included in hosting your own website?

With Cheap Dedicated Server you’ll have everything you need to successfully run your website or online business. You’ll receive regular monitoring and tech support, so you can be confident that your hosting provider is here for you when something goes wrong. In addition, our servers are backed up by an offsite secure data backup facility in case of disaster. A dedicated server is also ideal for those seeking higher search engine rankings because it allows more control over page load speed and security issues.


Switzerland Dedicated Servers are known for their high performance, speed and strength. This makes them ideal for hosting several websites at once. It is important to know how much bandwidth you will need so that you can choose a server package with enough resources to meet your needs. An added bonus is that you can switch between servers at any time so that if your traffic increases, you can easily upgrade to a larger package. Your hosting provider should have no trouble adding additional memory or storage as needed.

Affordable Price

The truth is, there’s no such thing as an affordable website—any more than there’s an inexpensive luxury car. It all comes down to value: you get what you pay for, which means your site must be well-designed and easy to maintain. Many hosting companies offer attractive prices, but won’t go out of their way to customize your site or provide efficient 24/7 support; others charge high rates but don’t provide reliable access.


Hackers can easily break into an unprotected or poorly protected website, bringing it down or stealing your customers’ data. Investing in software solutions designed to protect your website and data is a smart first step in improving security. A quality firewall and an advanced spam blocker are essential elements to any comprehensive security package. It’s also important to follow basic security guidelines, such as keeping computer operating systems up-to-date and backing up your web files regularly.

Superior Customer Support

We have an exceptional technical support team to help you. Our support team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or questions that you may have. The customer support at Onlive Server is second to none. Our Certified Partners are always just a phone call away with any questions and, in many cases, the same answer. And because our Certified Partners are trained to help you with any questions or issues you may have, you always get the best answer possible.

When purchasing a server?

It is important to choose an internet hosting service that is fast, reliable and secure. If you are looking for all these qualities when purchasing a server, then there are several considerations to make. One of them is choosing between virtual private servers and Cheap Dedicated Server; both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific needs. Therefore, it’s important to understand what each offers before making your final decision.


The Onlive Server group provides exceptional support with their certified partners and it has made a difference in my ability to serve my customers better. The world’s leading provider of VPS, Dedicated Servers, and colocation services, Onlive Server is transforming the way that people access computing resources. Their innovative cloud-based technology brings the power of a traditional on-premises data center to life virtually for any organization, anywhere in the world.