Best fine dining restaurants for lunch in Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of Maharashtra, due to its beaches, watery spots, nightlife, filmy craze but last and never the least” best cuisines”. It is counted as the finest creation of the best dishes all around India. Not just delicious but the authenticity of their dishes is considered as self creations of Maharashtrians and their great cooks. They are less about duplicating every state’s cuisines and carbon copy every taste. It is the alone state which has been known for its originality when it comes to food serving, delicious taste and a melting pot of aroma.

1.Copper Chimney

The Copper Chimney is one of the most fantastic restaurants in Mumbai.  you can enjoy the best north Indian dish and the well-spiced biryani. The copper chimney is on every food enthusiast’s list. It is the most prestigious restaurant that provides spicy cuisines with a lot of creativity. The restaurant is worth its price which is honestly, quite cost effective. There menu is well thought of and ingredients also resonate with the taste buds of its admirers.

2.Trèsind Mumbai

If you wish to try out the best khichdi in Mumbai or the spicy pani puri there is no better place than to step into this ambiance. Moreover, they bring in the maximum dishes which you can stick onto for their classy taste. The type of ambiance that is equipped in this place is something mesmerizing and the interiors are fully deluxe. They create a wide range of dishes that are accustomed to a plethora number of creative styles.

3.Bayroute Cuffe Parade

The Bayroute Cuffe Parade is situated in Cuffe parade which is one of the poshest areas of Mumbai. Bayroute Cuffe Parade is considered the best restaurant for lunch in Mumbai and it has large traffic stepping to its door. This restaurant has a great dining set and it is run under the traditional ambiance created with stone walls. Also, the lighting effects and the comforting sitting space are other benefits of this fine dining. It is the place that calls in the royal people or the classy groups who do not mind splurging for luxury.

4. Estella

Estella is a modish Australian restaurant in Juhu Tara Road. You can sit and look at the waves splash alongside the Juhu Beach. Estella is one of the best restaurants for lunch in Mumbai that gains a lot of crowds; getting attracted to its modern vibe. It is a Thai restaurant with a combo of Australian, European, and Asian cuisine that includes delicious dishes like wild mushrooms, truffle risotto, and many more mouth watering delicacies.

5. Masala Library

If you wish to try out the best kebab trail or iconic curries of India then the Masala Library is the right place for you. It resides in the BKC area which is in Mumbai. Here, you can try the nine-course menu and the famous deconstructed samosa. Widely popular for its lunch menu, Masala Library has throngs of people standing outside as soon as the clock strikes lunc. Also, the jalebi is a must-have dish to try out over here.

Best Features of these restaurants:
  • Great Interiors
  • Perfect Ambience
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Hygiene Rich
  • Delicious and Healthy

The best restaurants for lunch in Mumbai that are mentioned above are the most astonishing dining places. Here one can relax in the ambience, get comfortable and enjoy the best cuisines ever. One of my personal favorites has been Cooper Chimney for their north Indian-styled theme with uncountable dishes that come at your table at a pocket-friendly price. Their hygiene is impeccable and so their services. It has been time and again counted as the best restaurant for lunch in Mumbai and rightfully so.