BBQs2U Offers Charcoal Grilling, Searing, and Griddle Options with Masterbuilt Gravity Series

BBQs2U is always in the limelight with its launch of the latest barbecue products for those who love grilling.

Their passion for barbecues and immense grilling knowledge has made them the UK’s leading retailers of Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity Series, Napoleon Barbecue, and Ooni Pizza Oven.

Their three generations have been involved in the same business, which is why they can assure the best customer service and support to their clients.

As an authorized dealer of Masterbuilt, the grilling barbecue giant, BBQs2U launches the latest models of the Masterbuilt Gravity Series aiming to bring a true revolution in the outdoor cooking experience.

Masterbuilt BBQs are popular for their versatile, innovative, and affordable products which they proved well by launching their Gravity Series in 2020.

It is the first cooking system that is charcoal-fueled and features grilling, smoking, and griddle options.

The Gravity Series has the efficiency and control of a gas barbecue while also giving the flavour, fun, and persona of outdoor charcoal cooking experience.

It is the latest offer by Masterbuilt, which is perhaps the most versatile model for grilling, smoking, and griddle options at very high heat.


There are not many surprises in its design as even beginners at grilling would be able to identify the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800.

Once you raise the lid, you will see how innovative the inside of this outdoor cooking appliance is.

  • Large reversible porcelain cast-iron grill grates are used for cooking of which one side is for smoking and the other is for searing.
  • Heavy griddle included.
  • Two removable porcelain-coated smoking racks with a combined 800 square inches of cooking space are also included.
  • Few extras just like any grill should have wheels for easy mobility and a collapsible front shelf.

Top-notch features

The Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series shines in how fast it can go from a low temperature to a completely high temperature which is perfect for searing.

  • The grill heats to 225F in 8 minutes, goes to 450F in the next 10 minutes, and finally to 700 degrees in 14 minutes.
  • Can hold 10 lbs of charcoal lump or 16 lbs of briquette.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled with a timer.
  • 4 probe outlets for monitoring the temperature.
  • Grease tray that can be removed for easy and quick cleaning.
  • Foldable front shelf made of steel.

Unbelievably versatile

As compared to the other popular and much pricey pellet grills available in the market, the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 offers better performance and versatility.

On the low end, it can flawlessly smoke brisket, hog shoulder, whole birds, and any style of rib with gradual and steady heat that won’t dry out but is cooked to perfection.

On the higher end, this dynamic grill shows enough firepower to put some good char on everything from vegetables to bread or sear a steak.

Considering the accessibility, reliability, and versatility that Masterbuilt Gravity 800 Series offers, the price of this grill is unbelievable as compared to the other top pellet grills.

Moreover, booking the models with BBQs2U will give you good deals. Your items include a cover and 7.25kg of Masterbuilt lump charcoal that can be added with the Pizza Pack, Rotisserie, and Pitmaster Pack of Gravity 800 Series on BBQs2U.