All You Need to Know about the Ashes Tournament

The Ashes Tournament is one of the most iconic and oldest cricket tournaments in the world. It is a series of Test matches played between England and Australia. With a long-standing history, the Ashes Tournament is a source of great pride and excitement for cricket fans around the world. 

This article will cover all the Ashes Cricket News and provide a detailed overview of this prestigious tournament. Be sure to stay tuned to learn all you need to know about the Ashes Tournament.

Format of the Ashes Tournament

A. Length of the Series

The Ashes is an international cricket series between England and Australia. It is the oldest and most-contested rivalry in international cricket. 

The series usually involves five Test matches, which are played for the iconic Ashes urn. The series alternates between the two countries once every two years. The series is usually held over three months, with each Test match lasting up to five days.

B. Format of the Series

The Ashes series consists of five Test matches, with each team playing two innings. The format of the series is designed to ensure that each team has an equal chance of winning the series. 

Each Test match is played over five days, with the first four days consisting of 90 overs per day and the fifth day consisting of a maximum of 98 overs. 

The team that scores the most runs in each Test match is declared the winner. If, after both teams have completed their two innings, the scores are level, then the match is declared a draw. 

C. Points System

The Ashes series is based on a points system. Each Test match is worth 24 points. The team gets 12 points if the match is declared as a tie and the team gets 8 points if the match is declared as a draw. 

D. Other Aspects 

The series is also accompanied by several other aspects, such as the Ashes Trophy, which is awarded to the winner of the series. There is also a Player of the Series award, which is given to the player who has made the most outstanding contribution to the series. 

The series also includes several off-field activities and events, such as the traditional Ashes Gala Dinner and the Ashes Ball, which are attended by players, coaches, and officials from both sides.

E. Venues 

The Ashes is played throughout the English and Australian summers, with the first Test generally being held between June to July. The venues for the Ashes series are usually chosen from the most prestigious cricket grounds in the two countries. 

The venues most commonly used for Ashes Tests are the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Adelaide Oval, the Brisbane Cricket Ground, the WACA in Perth, and the Lord’s cricket ground in London. 

Strategies of the Ashes Tournament 

A.  Batting Strategies

  1. Utilize the conditions of the pitch. 
  2. Have patience and play with a positive mindset. 
  3. Move your feet to the ball and play shots with the full face of the bat.
  4. Look to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. 
  5. Utilize the sweep and reverse sweep shots to score runs quickly. 
  6. Look to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. 
  7. Play shots in the gaps and look to hit boundaries. 
  8. Play according to the situation and understand the importance of singles and twos in the game.

B. Bowling Strategies

  1. Utilize the fielders and set attacking fields to create chances.
  2. Use variations in speeds, lengths, and lines to confuse the batsman. 
  3. Use different types of deliveries such as the yorker, off-cutter, inswinger, and outswinger. 
  4. Use the bouncer and the slower ball to surprise the batsman. 
  5. Bowl a consistent line and length to build pressure on the batsman. 
  6. Try to bowl at the stumps and look to build a web of dot balls. 

C. Fielding Strategies

  1. Position yourself in the right place to make the most of each delivery. 
  2. Keep your energy level high and stay focused throughout the game.
  3. Communicate with the bowler and the other fielders to create a strategy. 
  4. Move quickly and anticipate shots to assist your bowlers. 
  5. Back up your bowlers and look to take quick and accurate throws. 
  6. Look to save runs by cutting off boundaries and working hard to get the batsman out. 

Impact of the Ashes Tournament 

A. Impact on the Players

The impact of the Ashes Tournament on the players is enormous. Not only do they get to compete in the most prestigious tournament in cricket, but they also get to showcase their talents to a global audience. 

Additionally, playing in the tournament can be a great career boost, as players can gain invaluable experience, build their reputations, and gain prestige.

B. Impact on the Fans

The Ashes Tournament has a huge impact on the fans as well. It provides them with a unique opportunity to witness world-class cricket being played at the highest level. It is a chance for them to be part of the action and to get to see their favorite players in action. 

It also creates a great sense of excitement and anticipation, as both fans and players alike look forward to the upcoming tournament. 

C. Impact on the Cricket Community

The Ashes Tournament has a significant impact on the cricket community in general. It helps to bring the sport to the forefront and increases the visibility of cricket worldwide. It also helps to promote the game and encourages people to take up cricket as a hobby or career. 

Additionally, it helps to develop a sense of camaraderie and unity among cricket fans and players, as they come together to celebrate the sport.


The Ashes Tournament is an iconic cricket tournament between England and Australia. It has been going on since 1882 and is one of the most popular tournaments in cricket. 

It is a great spectacle for cricket fans around the world and is an example of the rivalry between the two nations. 

The Ashes Tournament is a great way for cricket fans to experience the excitement and passion of the game.