11 places to explore in Thane in your trip

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Throughout the western Indian state of Maharashtra, Thane is one of the biggest cities and is located close to Mumbai. One of the most prominent regions in Maharashtra is Thane. Over 30 native and artificial lakes may be found in Thane, which is also known as the “City of Lakes.” Thane offers a wide range of activities because the city is filled with tourist destinations and is renowned for its rich culture and historical background. In addition to its beautiful lakes, the region is also home to several natural surroundings. Beautiful nature reserves and forests are among the top spots to explore in the city. Along with that, you must know the benefits of booking the Hotel Tip Top Plaza for relaxing. Here is a listing of the top activities in Thane for an enriching trip to this vibrant city.

  1. TMC Biodiversity Park

The renowned Sanjay Gandhi National Park complex includes TMC Biodiversity Park. The tranquil, beautiful garden in Thane is a lovely, tranquil place to visit. The garden is filled with exotic plants, butterflies, whistling birds, and vibrant flowers everywhere throughout. Check out this incredible location if you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and in absolute peace and quiet.

  1. Kelva Beach

The amazing beaches in Thane, the city of lakes, come in all different sizes and designs. One of the biggest beaches in Maharashtra, not only in Thane, is Kelva Beach. Walking the length of this 7 km beach is a memorable adventure in Thane. One of Thane’s most visited tourist destinations is this one. Alongside the beach, there are numerous amazing tourist attractions, like the Sheetla Devi temple and the Kelva fort. Taste the delicious local roadside food while strolling down the beach and taking in the calming breeze coming in from the Arabian Sea.

  1. Mahila Fort

A wonderful example of Mughal construction is the Mahila Fort. The fort is an excellent adventure location to explore and is located close to Asan hain station throughout Thane. The journey to the fort is short, but the entire experience is extraordinary. The fort is situated above Thane’s highest peak, offering breathtaking views of the town.

  1. Yeoor Hills

A strange excursion can be had at the Yeoor Hills near Upvan Lake. The hills’ surroundings are covered with lush green forest, and the lake area is surrounded by exquisite bird chattering. A very reviving and beautiful experience is climbing the hill. Somebody will long remember the entire magnificent experience in the midst of nature. On your trip, attempt one of the most daring activities to try in Thane.

  1. Naneghat Hills

Magnificent hills can be found in Naneghat Hills. From the Konkan area to Ghatmatha, the well-known magnificent mountain passage at Naneghat Hills is the longest. The hills are renowned for their breathtaking beauty and radiant vistas. This is a mind-blowing trekking hike, and you’ll see breathtaking scenery along the way.

  1. Thane Creek

Thane Creek is an entryway to the Arabian Sea that is well known for its wetlands. There is a unique flamingo habitat in Thane Creek. The famous flamingo, a wandering bird, considers this area home. Thane Creek is one of the biggest of its sort in all of Asia and is a wonderland for people who love the outdoors and birds. The mangroves that surround both banks of the 26 km long creek are its most famous feature.

  1. Barvi Dam

A great urban camping experience may be had at Badlapur along Barvi Dam. One can participate in a wide variety of sports and group adventurous activities in this location. If you are going with a small group of buddies, go there. There is nothing better than strengthening friendships with your companions while enjoying titillating adventure sports and delectable cuisine.

One can spend the entire day here participating in both outdoor and indoor activities offered by the location. The location is also well-liked for business team excursions. The area is overflowing with nature and magnificent adventures and is located close to the riverside and mountains.

  1. Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

This beautiful nature trail makes its way up to the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary and is encircled by a verdant forest. The reserve is well-known among bird enthusiasts for containing numerous species of unusual exotic birds. The trail is abundant with beautiful and alluring plants and animals. The best activity on this list of fun activities to accomplish in Thane is unquestionably visiting the trail.

  1. Shopping

One of the best things to see in Thane for someone who likes shopping is to visit one of the renowned malls and spend as much money as you can. R-Mall 2, High Street Mall, Lake City Mall, and Korum Mall are some of Thane’s top retail centers. These malls provide a variety of brands, including Zara, Shoppers Stop, Hypercity, Home Center, Marks & Spencer, and others. When you’ve had your fill of shopping and are feeling worn out, one of the many restaurants at these malls will serve you a delicious meal.

  1. Love & Latte

If you understand the proprietors of Love & Latte’s enthusiasm for coffee, then you really must taste a great cup of coffee there. This Thane cafe first opened because of an intriguing tale, and ever since then, the residents have loved spending time there. Explore Love & Latte on your upcoming trip to learn more about this charming tale. This café serves a variety of coffee drinks, including latte, espresso, mocha, and more. Their waffles and cupcakes are a must-try.

  1. Masuna Talao

A well-known lake near Thane is Masunda Talao, one of the most picturesque lakes in the nation. One of the largest lakes in Thane, it is a great site to explore at night. Enjoying the night by this stunning lake is a feeling that must be had. It offers many recreational activities like swimming, kayaking, and water scooters. And then, you might realize the reasons for reserving the Hotel Tip Top Plaza.

When you’re a travel fanatic, Thane is one old town in Maharashtra that you mustn’t overlook. This wonderland will satisfy you with its stunning features and lakes unlike any other town, particularly if you appreciate natural waterways and water bodies. If you haven’t visited the city previously, keep in mind you visit and make countless memories by engaging in the majority of the activities mentioned above.