Questions That Spectrum Folks Hear Everyday

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Spectrum is the fastest-growing internet provider in the US. Besides delivering top-of-the-line cable TV, internet and phone services, Spectrum strives to ensure seamless customer service as well. Whatever connection-related query you have in mind, just know that Spectrum experts will have an answer for it.

Do you ever wonder what kind of queries do Spectrum customer service experts come across each day? Sometimes, we wonder the same. That’s why, with the help of some research, we’ve managed to find out the most common questions that Spectrum experts get to hear every single day. Curious to find out? Let’s go!

Does Spectrum Have Contracts?

This might be music to your ears. Spectrum does not like to bind its customers in contracts. While most providers often offer no contracts with bundles, Spectrum does it differently. Whether you decide to opt for a standalone Internet or TV plan, Double or Triple Play bundles, there would be no hassle of contracts for you to put up with.

Is Spectrum Internet Good for Streaming?

Spectrum offers 3 internet plans. The basic plan maxes up at 200 Mbps download. Going higher, there are tiers with 400 and 1000 Mbps download. All the plans offer enough download speed to keep you and your family well-connected. Plus, if you’re big on video streaming, even the basic 200 Mbps plan would surely take good care of that.

Can You Cancel Spectrum Services Anytime?

Of course. Because there are no contracts forcing you to complete your term, you’re free to cancel your Spectrum services whenever you want. There’ll be absolutely no consequences.  

Does Spectrum Charge Early Termination Fee?

Early Termination Fee often ranges from $200 to $500 with most internet providers. Subscribers that cancel internet services either have to pay the ETF charges at once or in monthly installments. Luckily, Spectrum does not charge ETFs. Whether you’re a new subscriber or a seasoned one, you can cancel your contract without paying the hefty cancellation charges.  

How Many Devices Can Use Spectrum TV App at Once?

While at home, you can use Spectrum TV App to stream on as many devices as you like. However, while being away from home, Spectrum TV App lets you stream on only two devices.

Does Spectrum TV Offer DVR Service?

Spectrum offers a free DVR service with its cable TV plans. You can schedule recordings of your favorite TV shows, movies, and more. Spectrum’s DVR service also comes with a substantial storage space that can store up to 30 hours of HD recordings.

Does Spectrum Offer Phone Service?

Spectrum has a phone service, marketed as Spectrum Voice®. The phone service gets you more than 22 handy features and offers unlimited local and long-distance calling. Plus, there’s an unbelievably cheap international calling rate. You’d have to subscribe to find that out!

Is It Possible to End Spectrum Cable TV but Keep the Internet Service?

If you’ve subscribed to Spectrum Double Play bundle with cable TV and internet, and you want to end Spectrum TV but keep the internet service, you’re free to do so. Spectrum does not bind its subscribers in contracts. You can upgrade or downgrade your services whenever you like.

How Can One Get in Touch With Spectrum Customer Service?

To get in touch with Spectrum customer service representatives, you’d have to dial the Spectrum phone number. For a more personalized experience, you can even visit your nearest Spectrum store.

On the other hand, if you’re a Spanish subscriber, you can dial Numero de Spectrum and talk to a Spanish Spectrum expert instead.

The Final Word

If you had a query at the beginning of this article, we’re sure that it has been answered by now. Spectrum is all about providing its customers with nothing but satisfaction and ease. If there’s still something in your mind, feel free to get assistance from customer support experts at Spectrum.